Gymnastics and hats: the lowdown on dashboards.

You know that unsuspecting moment during a work meeting when you’re asked to “say a few words” about what you do to introduce yourself? Fewer things fill an introvert’s heart with more dread than being put on the spot. I manage something coherent for my two-minutes-of-fame. But quietly my mind descends once again into a […]

Where are the women?

As I scanned faces in a recent call I was on, the virtual room and the accompanying banter felt very “male”. I knew that around one third of the people on the call would be female, but to my eyes it seemed a lot less. The black boxes of course, that explains it. I did […]

Let people make pies.

There are some people whose work I dive into greedily as soon as they put something new out. Emma Gannon’s writings are one of them. I read her book The Multi-Hyphen Method a couple of years ago, and I distinctly remember this: She calls this her personal pie chart. And she advocates that people make […]

Between Tableau and Power BI

My company recently shifted from Tableau to Power BI. And it was painful, as it always is, to say goodbye to something you love and rely on. I was excited about learning a new tool though. Excited to add something new to my toolkit. But a bit reluctant too. Based on all that I had […]

Brexit vs James Bond

My #MakeoverMonday for the chart here, using survey results split by Leave/Remain support in the EU 2016 referendum here. (Because it was my first time and I didn’t read the rules, I did a makeover of the original chart first.) What I noticed when I swapped the data and changed the colours in the original […]

Chart makeover: Which clothing brands mess with your head the most?

It’s chart makeover time for the #SWDChallenge and I picked something frivolous  of great importance for this one. A source of immense frustration when shopping for clothes: inconsistent clothing sizes. Despite knowing full well that clothing brands are just messing with your head, trying on new clothes typically results in either of two emotional states: an existential […]

House prices around the CB1 neighbourhood

Cambridge has developed quite a reputation in the past few years. No, not for the university (although I hear that it’s not a bad one), but for crazy high house prices. I guess that’s great if you already own a house here. But not so much if you have recently been looking to buy, thanks […]

Dear Tech People – Diversity and inclusion at top tech companies

How diverse are top tech companies in terms of hiring women and people of colour? Dear Tech People has set out to answer this question and have done some amazing work pulling together data from LinkedIn and AngelList. Their mission: holding tech companies accountable for for diversity. Find out more about how they collect data here. I […]