Chart makeover – Will PTI supporters actually turn out to vote?

It’s election time in Pakistan, which means an onslaught of charts.  Now many of the polls may be of dubious methodologies and national polls get a lot of criticism for being less predictive for seat-by-seat elections, rightfully so when poll quality is also suspect.

As curious as I am about how things will play out, I didn’t really feel like putting this chart makeover out there given the grim realities of this election. It all seemed pretty pointless. But let’s just consider this a tongue in cheek makeover of a chart that had potential but which fell victim to the moiré effect of all the bars.

A new polling firm, Roshan Pakistan Opinion Polling has been pushing out quite a few charts on to our timelines everyday. This particular one caught my attention, because while it didn’t really seem to say anything new, I felt there was definitely something interesting to highlight here,  notwithstanding potential poll quality issues.

This is the original image: (makeover follows below)


I used slopegraphs in the chart makeover to highlight differences in degree of support for the three main political parties. Originally intended as a parallel coordinates chart, I ended up doing a slopegraph with four categories instead of the usual two because, why not, this gets my point across.

And then since the intended “joke” in the title is in Urdu, I went ahead and redid the whole chart in Urdu which involved flipping everything around from left to right, Urdu being a RTL script.

So are PTI supporters actually serious enough to go out and get garmi main kharab and vote? I don’t think we want to know the answer but we’ll find out soon enough anyway.