How much do Pakistanis spend on eating out?

You know Pakistanis have their priorities right when they spend more on eating out in a month than they do on education.

The average household in urban Pakistan allocates around 7% of its total monthly expenditure to ‘Restaurants and Hotels’, a major component of which is eating out. In contrast, 5% of their monthly expenditure is on Education.

Pakistanis Giving Up Their Nationality – How Dire Is It?

This recent article in The News painted an alarming picture of Pakistani nationals rushing to give up their citizenship.

300% rise in number of applications? Now I’m generally wary of such percentages  since they mostly always exploit a low base effect to deliberately shock readers. Though curious it did make me.

But trying to figure out what all the numbers thrown together in the article meant was giving me a headache. So I turned into something I could make sense of.